[jcifs] Let ntlm filter search in different domains

José Antonio jamapla at mapfre.com
Tue Jan 18 10:28:00 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I´m making a web application with ntlm authentication using jcifs library on a
websphere 5.01.

When I access the log application the filter works well, It makes the
challenge/response to the domain configured in jcifs.http.domainController and
let me get in if I´m an authorized user and don´t let me if I´m not.

My question is next one:

I have configured a domain controller where ntlm tries to authenticate users,
but I want to know if it´s possible to configure another domain controller where
ntlm may try to authenticate users if it doesn´t find a user in the first domain
(not if the first domain controller is not responding).

Can it be make without touching jcifs code ? if it doesn´t, does anybody know
where do I have to change things for make this issue works ?

Best reggards.

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