[jcifs] Iplanet and BEA WebLogic with jCifs filter

Marko marko.krejic at enovation.se
Fri Jan 14 14:53:43 GMT 2005


Does anybody have any experience about using jCifs authentication with IPlanet 
and BEA WebLogic?

Our setup looks like the following:

Iplanet is used as a HTTP-server. It will forward certain calls to WebLogic, 
which is using jCifs to authenticate the users. 

The problem is that when the request goes through the IPlanet server, it will 
always end up as "access denied". 
But if we make a request to BEA WebLogic directly (with out Iplanet) then the 
filter works as it should.

Anybody with experiences or ideas about this????

Thanks in advance!


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