[jcifs] Problem with JCIFS NTLM Authentication for HTTP Connections

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Wed Jan 12 22:23:59 GMT 2005

Doan, Thi-My-Chi said:
> Hi,
> I'm facing 2 problems using the JCIFS NTLM Authentication for HTTP
> Connections.
> 1) The authentication is only successful when login and password are
> sent in the url. Setting domain, username and password
>    as
>         Config.setProperty("jcifs.smb.client.domain", domain);
>         Config.setProperty("jcifs.smb.client.username", user);
>         Config.setProperty("jcifs.smb.client.password", password);
>    has not worked.  What is the different between the two ways?

That should work provided you set the creds before any jcifs classes are
accessed. These are the default credentials so once you set them they
cannot be changed.

See the "Setting Client Properties" documentation for other methods to set
jcifs properties.

> 2) The authentication and authorization seem to work fine if user is
> authorized to access the servlet.
>    As login.jsp is defined to be the login config form, I would expect
> that login.jsp would be returned
>    in case user is not authorized (This has worked without
> NtlmHttpFilter). Instead, I got an exception.
>    The code looks as followed:

Huh? So you're using NtlmHttpURLConnection with the NtlmHttpFilter? You do
realize that the two features are separate? The NtlmHttpFilter is for
authenticating clients whereas the NtlmHttpURLConnection is the http

>    HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection)u.openConnection();
>    connection.setDoOutput(true);
>    connection.setRequestProperty("Cookie", cookie);
>    connection.setRequestProperty("COOKIE", cookie);
>    OutputStream out = connection.getOutputStream();
>    out.write(webToolRequest.toXml().getBytes());
>    int i;
>    InputStream in = connection.getInputStream();
>    The last statement throw the exception:
>    java.lang.ClassCastException at
> jcifs.http.NtlmHttpURLConnection.reconnect(NtlmHttpURLConnection.java:58
> 1)

Mmm, it looks like NtlmHttpURLConnection expects request properties to be
'List's. Are you certain that is the correct way to set the cookie? Are
request properties not supposed to be List objects?


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