[jcifs] Connection Timeout errors

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Jan 6 22:26:02 GMT 2005

Jimmy Ray said:
> gotcha.
> I was able to run it, and discover the bad IP.  My NT
> admins cant seem to tell me when they will be able to
> get the bad address out of the WINS servers.  I was
> looking for a way to exclude that bad IP, but I see no
> property for that.  I did see the
> jcifs.netbios.lookupRespLimit property to limit the
> count of IPs returned, but how do I know which IPs
> will be passed first from WINS?

You don't. In fact I think they're rotated. But if you use 1.x version of
jcifs it shouldn't matter because aside from printing an ugly stack trace
in the log unresponsive DCs are simply ignored with no impact on clients.

Just forget it and be happy.


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