[jcifs] SSO problem

"Pietrzyk, Sławomir" SPietrzyk at pzu.pl
Thu Jan 6 14:37:31 GMT 2005

I have a problem with basic SSO authentication. 
Directory System:  W2K with NTLM and NTLM v2.

My web application is running on Tomcat 4.0/Win2000 Prof (builtin Borland
I have included this filter into my web.xml:

      <param-value>BCAST, DNS</param-value>

i have added also jar's into tomcat /lib directory and its working fine.

The problem is, that when i try to use filter (on particular servlet), the
servlet is
doing nothing. It start's loading servlet in the browser (IE 6.0 SP1) but
never ends :(.
I've found, that first time i enable filter (run servlet) there is nothing
in msg = req.getHeader( "Authorization" );
After a while finally filter recieves a Header with 'Authorization' but
next, when it decodes the msg, it has
always src[8] == 1 which i dont know what means...
Anyway, im not authenticated.
I'm logged into our domian, when i'm running this web application.

No exceptions are thrown.

I dont have WINS serwer in my domian. 

Do You have any idea what is wrong? 


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