[jcifs] NtlmHttpFilter very slow

Marcel Juffermans mjuffermans at paradigmone.com.au
Wed Feb 16 01:28:16 GMT 2005

First of all, thanks very much for all your work, and sorry I'm writing 
to you directly rather than going through the mailing lists - it's just 
I'm pressed for time.

However, this may be of use to you: NtlmHttpFilter can be made to work 
very much faster than it does now (jcifs_1.1.8). I spent considerable 
time working out why, and it turns the solution is to add:


before every line that says:


If the extra line isn't there, then IE 6 and FireFox will wait about a 
minute before concluding there isn't any data coming. If the line is 
there, they don't wait at all.


Marcel Juffermans

Paradigm.One - making IT happen, today
(02) 8569 0400

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