[jcifs] MSIE decides to lose Authenticate header during negociate

Smyth, Jim Jim.Smyth at broadvision.com
Thu Dec 1 03:05:06 GMT 2005


Im not sure what has happened - my implmentation of a autologon to my portal app was pretty much working, now it seems that MSIE doesnt want to play anymore, though Firefox is working as well as ever.

>From what I can see, the Authorization header is not sent back to the server after the type 2 message is returned to the client, so that the client then is requested for a type 1 message again.  After a few attempts, MSIE gives up and I get a 'Cannot find server or DNS Error' error.  (This is what I see by debugging the filter).

The client side shows a slightly different picture - ieHTTPHeaders shows that when the type2 message is received by MSIE, it sends a request with a type3 message but this immediately followed (replaced?) by a similair GET request without the Autorization header.

This happens if the user is in the domain (transparent auth) or out of the domain (network login dialog).  As Firefox works well in both scenarios I suspect that MSIE settings are the issue, but havent managed to discover why yet.

Any pointers appreciated.


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