[jcifs] Any improvement to DFS connections?

Daniel Palmer DanielPalmer at tcs.act.edu.au
Wed Aug 17 04:51:01 GMT 2005

My testing (on a live system - so testing was limited) against Win2k/2k3
servers with XP clients indicated that before a client accessed any
share on the server it would try to do a DFS lookup - and cache this
result.  This was on an AD domain - but I'd expect that the same would
be said against a 2k3 server not running AD.

If anyone is interested to test this and report their findings - it may
show that Windows doesn't magically know that certain shares are DFS..

You'll prob want to grab the dfsutil tool (from Win2k3's support tools I
think) and do a dfsutil /purgemupcache /pktflush /spcflush before doing
your packet captures.   Or if you're super keen in wadeing through
captures - do it from the time a machine first joins the domain ;)


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> Is w2k3 using the second method ? (I'm using w2k3 without ad)
> Michael B Allen wrote:
> > There are apparently two different flavors of DFS. One is 
> documented 
> > in the CIFS spec and describes a referral mechanism. JCIFS fully 
> > supports this form of DFS. There is a second form which clients 
> > apparently pre-populate their DFS mappings perhaps during logon or 
> > through some kind of AD communication. JCIFS does not support this 
> > form at all and will not in the near future.
> > 
> > Mike
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> > On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 14:00:42 -0600
> > "MacDermid, Kenny" <kenny.macdermid at abridean.com> wrote:
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> >>Hello,
> >>
> >>I messaged a while back with some connection problems when 
> connecting 
> >>to a DFS. I've tried the latest version and continue to receive 
> >>'network name not found' when ever I try to access it. Is 
> this a known 
> >>issue, or should it work.
> >>
> >>I'm making the connection to:
> >>
> >>smb://domainname.com/dfs/
> >>
> >>Which is accessible in windows explorer using:
> >>
> >>\\domainname.com\dfs\
> >>
> >>If this should work then I'll setup ethereal tomorrow to 
> submit proper 
> >>captures.
> >>
> >>Thanks,
> >>
> >>Kenny
> >>
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