[jcifs] Re: Disconnect from a share

Ronny Schuetz usenet-01 at groombridge34.de
Fri Aug 12 12:55:47 GMT 2005

Michael B Allen wrote:

> That's what soTimeout does. When the transport is idle for longer than
> jcifs.smb.client.soTimeout jCIFS will transmit the appropriate loggoff
> and disconnect messages and then close the underlying socket. This should
> not generate an error on the server or the client.
>>@Michael: Would you kindly implement such a function , or do you accept a
>>patch ?
> If you can provide a compelling *reason* then yes. Otherwise, no.

I'm planning to use jCIFS for a system that connects to several servers
(>100) and transports files from one to another. Due to the global
nature of the timeout settings, the timeout needs to be set to a high
value, as the system is a) connecting servers distributed worldwide
which are b) not responding as quickly as expected always. A prototype
required timeout settings of 2min or more.

So in such a scenario, it would be really nice, to be able to disconnect
and close unnecessary connections immediately, instead of waiting until
they time out wasting resources.


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