[jcifs] IntegraTUM WebDisk available

Thomas Bley thomas.bley at simple-groupware.de
Fri Aug 12 02:25:35 GMT 2005

Hi Daniel,

there is no release plan for the next versions, but the feature request
tracker is open on sourceforge

At the moment when you log in you are redirected to the users home
directory. The home directory is specified as a parameter in web.xml
e.g. smb://fileserver/%username%/ where %username% is automatically

Restriction to special paths is not implemented but can be easily added:

in Controller.java (the main servlet) replace:

if (pathInfo.equals("")) {

with sth like:

if (pathInfo.equals("") || !pathInfo.startWith("/fileserver/share/to/")) {

pathInfo has the format: server/share/path/file.ext

Besides this you can only connect to servers listed in the parameter
"servers" in web.xml.

Group memberships are currently not part of the code. But I have seen
some php-code doing this with ldap-calls directly to the ad-controller,
so this is not impossible.


Daniel Palmer wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Like Mike said - very useful for schools etc.  I work at a school and
> have been looking for something similar to this.  Had a quick look at
> your SF page - but haven't had a chance to test it yet..  Just wondering
> if you have options to restrict access to a particular base path.  What
> I'd really like to do is to have students log in and only get their home
> dir: \\server\Path\to\%USERNAME% or even better, be able to specify a
> path according to the users group memebership.
> I look forward to trying it out - but would appreciate some feedback on
> whether this is possible yet or if there are features that you are
> considering for later versions..
> Thanks very much,
> Daniel
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>>Hi all,
>>I've written a small web application using Java Servlets and 
>>jCIFS. It is called IntegraTUM WebDisk and has already a lot 
>>of features like 
>>copying, uploading, deleting files, etc. The web application 
>>can also be 
>>used to test the performance of your file server.
> Download:
> http://osdn.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/webdisk/IntegraTUM-WebDisk-0.
> 1.zip
> Project Homepage:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/webdisk/
> Installation instructions:
> http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=487949
> The code is not yet fully documented, but will be next week.
> So if You like, get your copy.
> Best regards,
> Thomas Bley
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