[jcifs] Multiple LogonShares

Pete Arvanitis pete at petecode.com
Wed Apr 13 03:18:54 GMT 2005

I need to protect two different pages within my webapp. Each page has a 
different ACL (but the same domain controller).

One solution I tried was to specify two NtlmHttpFilter filters in my 
web-xml file. The only differences between the two were their names, and 
the logonShare parameter (one for each ACL List). The plan was to have 
two filter-mappings (one for each page), that would be associated with 
the appropriate filter (and thus, the appropriate ACL).

Hwoever, this didn't work. Looking into the jcifs source code, the 
LOGON_SHARE variable is static in SmbSession. I've not gone two deep in 
the code, but this means I can't ahve multiple logonShare declarations 
within my webab.

1. Are there any plans on making LOGON_SHARE non-static in a future 
release? Is it even possible to make it non-static (and will we be able 
to associate an SmbSession with a particular filter instance?)

2. Is there another way to have multiple ACL's using jcifs?


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