[jcifs] NtlmHttpFilter: Error when trying to store the authentication...

Fabio Mazanatti Nunes Fabio.Nunes at nextel.com.br
Fri Apr 8 20:51:07 GMT 2005

Hi all,
I'm trying to optimize the NtlmHttpFilter process to a minimum, 'cause the only thing I need is to get the currently logged user, which is retrieved by the SmbSession.getChallenge().
So, when the
   NtlmSsp.authenticate( req, resp, challenge );
returns an actual object, it´s stored into the session:
   ssn.setAttribute("NtlmHttpAuth", ntlm);
The next time the filter is called, I try to retrieve the object from session, and, if it´s there, the 
   chain.doFilter( new NtlmHttpServletRequest( req, ntlm ), response );
is immediatly called.
Sometimes, the original code already do this, by trying to get the object from session when there´s no authentication data at all:
   if (ssn == null || (ntlm = (NtlmPasswordAuthentication) ssn.getAttribute("NtlmHttpAuth")) == null) {
My problem is: when there´s some authentication data at the header, and I load the ntlm variable from the session and call the chain, the response object is empty at the next Filter/Action/JSP!!!
Any ideas to make it work, or at least why it doesn't work?
When I do not try to retrieve from session myself, everything went OK, but the whole authentication protocol has to be done, causing a considerable overhead at the network - and that´s exactly the point I'm trying to tackle...
The web.xml configuration:

Thanks in advance,
Fabio Mazanatti

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