[jcifs] Davenport questions

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Sep 30 21:23:59 GMT 2004

Kevin Chan said:
> So I am
> guessing Davenport is using some older function calls and thus, not
> returning any share names that are greater than 12 characters long.

Exactly. JCIFS (and thus Davenport) does not support long shared names,
share names with characters outside of the local encoding (e.g. Latin1),
or lists of shared longer than that which will fit into a 64K SMB

> The IPC$ and Admin$ shares on Davenport do appear with a different shading
> by default, so hopefully, hiding them is possible. Unfortunately, there is
> not much documentation on Davenport so I am not sure one way or the other.

Actually there is quite a bit of documentation. I just glanced at the API
documentation and I can see there is sophisticated support for custom
FileFilters including a "HiddenFilter" that excludes hidden files. It also
looks like there is a hidden property that might be interpreted by clients
so it might be a matter of changing the display properties in your client.
Look at the api documentation and other links on the davenport website.


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