[jcifs] Davenport questions

Kevin Chan kevin at media.berkeley.edu
Thu Sep 30 17:52:40 GMT 2004

Thanks for the prompt response.

Sorry about not specifying the samba client, I meant viewing samba via 
mapped drives on PC and via native smb connection via Mac OS X. Should have 
been more clear. Anyways, for these methods, the share "Administrative" 
shows up, in Davenport, this share does not appear. After changing the name 
to "Admin", this share does indeed shows up in both places. So I am 
guessing Davenport is using some older function calls and thus, not 
returning any share names that are greater than 12 characters long.

At 10:27 AM 9/30/2004, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

> > My first question has to do with the fact that a file share named
> > "Administrative" that I have created shows up via samba perfectly fine;
>Samba's not a client.  It's a server.  Do you perhaps mean smbclient,
>smbfs, or cifs-vfs?
> > however, it did not appear via Davenport (either the web interface nor via
> > Web folders/Webdav). I believe this may have some to do with the fact that
> > there is already an "Admin$" share - which is part of my second question.
>Unrelated.  The reason the long share name doesn't show up is that, until
>Windows NT4, Microsoft used a function call that returned names with a
>maximum length of 12 bytes (plus one for the nul terminator for a total of

The IPC$ and Admin$ shares on Davenport do appear with a different shading 
by default, so hopefully, hiding them is possible. Unfortunately, there is 
not much documentation on Davenport so I am not sure one way or the other.

> > My second question has to do with IPC$ and Admin$ shares showing up via
> > Davenport. Is there a way to hide these shares?
>The trailing dollar sign marks them as "hidden" but it's up to the client
>to decide whether or not to hide them.  Eric or Mike would have to answer
>you here (there may be a parameter you can pass to the jCIFS

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