[jcifs] Re: Remote command Execution?

michael melhem michaelm at managesoft.com
Fri Sep 10 14:19:19 GMT 2004

Hi Mike, et al.


Remote execution via atsvc + jarapac is working fine for me. However there
are two issues:


1. There appears to be no way of running tasks immediately using atsvc. the
best I can do is work out the time of the remote windows machine and
calculate a invocation time + 2mins. I can get the time from the remote
windows machine using NET TIME. (Seems strange that relative or immediate
scheduling is not supported by the standard windows schedulers) 


2. The other problem with this is that you cannot get the return code of
remote command. This we might just have to live with.


An aside:

I think its possible using RPC to remotely install and start an arbitrary
service on a remote windows machine (from a windows machine). Is it possible
to do something similar from Linux, using jarapac perhaps? This could be
another way to implement remote command execution by installing the
appropriate service.


Many thanks,


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