[jcifs] SmbAuthException while calling list() on a SmbFile("smb://").

Michael P. Jung suriver at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 19:19:11 GMT 2004

> You will likely get a wide variety of exceptions doing such things
> depending on the credentials used and type of network. For example on
> an ad-hoc university network of student dorm PCs you will likely get an
> exception with every host. And that would be the correct behavior I hope!

I don't see any reason why accessing smb:// should require a valid
user name and password.

> Try to print out the path being accessed and when you get an exception
> try to query that server directly and interrogate what is going on with
> logging cranked up. Also use packet captures [1] to figure out what is
> going wrong.

As I wrote before I'm accessing smb:// which shouldn't require any
authentication at all. Just for completeness: getPath() returns
"smb://" as expected.


Michael, sorry for writing this message twice - by accident I just hit
reply instead of using "reply to all".

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