[jcifs] Role based NTLM

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Sep 2 22:45:24 GMT 2004

Eric Glass said:
>> Look at SmbFile.doNetEnum. It handles ERROR_MORE_DATA for multiple PDUs
>> properly. I think the technique should also be applicible to jcifs-ext.
> It uses NetServerEnum3 calls to get the follow-up data though; I don't
> think there is an equivalent for the NetUserGetGroups RAP call.

But don't RAPs allow multiple calls? I thought it was just NetSeverEnum
that had some kind of problem with the implementation or something. JCIFS
NetServerEnum3 is really just NetServerEnum2. In fact if you look at the
said loop it recycles the same request object by just changing the command

req.subCommand = (byte)SmbComTransaction.NET_SERVER_ENUM3;

>  In
> RPC, this appears to map to SamrGetGroupsForUser, followed by
> SamrLookupIdsInDomain (to resolve the group RIDs).

I've actually been using this very example to flesh out the RPC work. But
I just found a bug in idlc that has to do with conformant arrays that are
not pointers. The sid_t structure has one so I have to fix that or we're
not going to get very far without sids :-/


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