[jcifs] Please Help Me!

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Wed Sep 1 04:49:03 GMT 2004

On Wed, 1 Sep 2004 09:32:31 +0800
"Aris Javier" <aristotle.javier at eazix.com> wrote:

> is it really this hard to authenticate a user?
> all i want to do is get the user logged in name. that's it!
> no more no less. coz i already have a code to communicate to AD.
> why in asp, its so easy?
> anyways, these are the steps i made yesterday;
> 1. i inserted the <filter> in my web.xml.
> 2. i copied the jcifs.jar to my app's /lib folder.
> that's it?

For most people yes. I beleive the verdict in your case was that your
clients require NTLMv2. JCIFS does not support NTLMv2 very well. If
your web server is running on Windows you could try the patch posted by
Eric but I believe you'll also have to use jcifs.http.domainController = and maybe set lmCompatibility. When I get around to applying
the various little fixes I'll try to fix this up a little (at least get
rid of the ArrayIndexOutOutBounds exception). Otherwise you'll have to
dig into the docs and learn about the NTLM HTTP Authentication protocol
if you really want it to work.

> in jcifs site, they mentioned about prp files? 
> what prp files to use and where in Tomcat to place them?

No the Filter doesn't use properties files.


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