[jcifs] Problem with NTLM HTTP filter, upgrading: 0.7.15 to 1.1.0

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Tue Oct 26 02:35:27 GMT 2004

Parke Jeff said:
> Mike,
> I'm using Oracle JDeveloper 10g ( with embedded OC4J app server
> and IE 6 to hit against http://localhost:8988/spectrum/index.jsp.  I've
> attached three files: HTTP headers (as reported by ieHTTPHeaders

Actually from your headers.txt file it looks like it's getting to
submitting the type-3-message with the password hashes. I think you should
try a client not on the localhost. That might have something to do with
it. Then we varify with a capture that the type-3-message is actually
being accepted by the server. Then add a debugging statement to the filter
to see if the filter is getting the type-3-message. Another possability is
that this OC4J server is not managing HTTP session attributes to spec. Did
you use OC4J with jcifs-0.7.15? You really need to verify that 0.7.15 is
truely capable in the same exact env.


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