[jcifs] Problem with NTLM HTTP Authentication

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Oct 21 01:51:48 GMT 2004

Welsh, Phillip [JJCUS] said:
> We have a group using NTLM HTTP Authentication, and the same setup which
> seems to be working elsewhere is failing, but only after initially
> working.
> After login thru a forms-based login mechanism (using SmbSession.logon()
> method), the NTLM HTTP authentication begins working again.  The log
> traces
> show:
> treeConnect: unc=\\IPC$,service=?????
> sessionSetup: accountName=RPOLLERS,primaryDomain=EU
> treeConnect: unc=\\IPC$,service=?????
> sessionSetup: accountName=GUEST,primaryDomain=EU

This looks like you're trying to login as RPOLLERS but it fails over to
trying GUEST with also fails. Looks like old-fashioned login failure to

That's all I can tell from the limited information provided. Post your
web.xml, indicate which version of jcifs you're using, etc...


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