[jcifs] NTLM Auth, custom login page

Laurent Michenaud lmichenaud at adeuza.fr
Wed Oct 20 14:48:51 GMT 2004

I think it is not the clean way.

In the NTLM process, at which step u know that the browser doesnot 
support silent login ?

The best from my point of view would be to have in the jcifs properties 
something like :
jcifs.redirect.login.url = http://mywebapp/login.jsp

This page would be called when browser silent login fails.
The login page may submit the login/password value to a jcifs servlet 
that will do NTLM authentification.

It is a kind of feature request ;)

Scovetta, Michael V a écrit :

>If you either add a filter before jcifs or modify the jcifs filter, you
>can make a choice depending on the user-agent passed in the headers.
>It's not fool-proof, but you should be able to get pretty accurate. A
>list of user-agents is here:
>	http://www.zytrax.com/tech/web/browser_ids.htm
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>Subject: [jcifs] NTLM Auth, custom login page
>I've tested the NTLM auth example and it works great with IE.
>The user is automatically identified.
>I have tested with Firefox and i've got the traditionnal login/password 
>What i would like is, if the browser ( like firefox ) doesnot support 
>"silent login" like
>IE, to redirect to a custom login page so that the user can
>Is it possible to configure that with jcifs ?

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