[jcifs] Re: Domain controller name from Domain name

Jon Erdman jon.erdman at solers.com
Fri Oct 15 19:21:12 GMT 2004

Jon Erdman <jon.erdman <at> solers.com> writes:

> How would I go about getting the machine name for a domain controller given 
> the domain name?  I've tried NbtAddress.getByName(domainName) but that does 
> not seem to return the actual domain controller.
> Thanks,
> Jon

I changed it to use NbtAddress.getByName(domainName, 0x1c, null) and it seems 
to work better.  I can find the domain controller on the domain that I'm on 
but it can't find it for a different domain, even though it works if I 
manually configure the ip for the other domain.

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