[jcifs] ACL via jCIFS (idlc)

Martin D. Pedersen mdp at visanti.com
Tue Oct 12 09:24:52 GMT 2004

Hi all

I'm more or less in desperate need for ACL access for SMB files.

I have previously used the command line tool smbcalcs from the Samba 
project, but the client side of Samba does not support Distributed File 
System (DFS).
I noticed that jCIFS currently is developing on an (m)idl compiler, how 
far is this development from implementing eg. ACL access on files?

I have downloaded jarapac 0.3.5 and idlc 0.4.0 and tried compiling the 
IAccess.Idl file to gain access to GetAllAccessRights, but without much 
success. Any pointers on how to work with these 'native' midl files?

Alternatively does any one know of _any_ Linux/Java library/tool that is 
capable of retrieving ACL lists for SMB files resident on an DFS?

-- mdp

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