[jcifs] problem with jCIFS and samba (security=share)

s-jacobi at web.de s-jacobi at web.de
Sat Oct 2 11:19:17 GMT 2004

> ...
> Just FYI...  Samba does not implement "proper" Share Level security.  Most 
> newer CIFS servers don't implement share mode at all, since it's 
> depricated.  Here's what Samba does:
> There's probably some small, subtle difference in the way jCIFS behaves as 
> a Share Level client.
> (I know that smbclient will, if no username is specified, default to 
> reading the environment for the USER variable, and send that.)
> Chris -)-----
> Well it's been a very long time since I tested share level
> authentication. Its very possible it's broken as nobody really uses
> it. I'll take a look. Do you have a packet capture you can send me?
> Mike
thank you for your replies!
i have no packet capture done yet ... 
if i get it done, i will send it to jou.

some further questions;
is there an implemented way to determine the security-level that is 
returned by the server and is it possible to change the 
"client name" (NATIVE_LANMAN=jCIFS)?

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