[jcifs] Local Named Pipes

pete at ae5pl.net pete at ae5pl.net
Fri Oct 1 15:43:21 GMT 2004

This may have been asked before so I ask your patience with someone new
to the list.

I am working with the jTDS group (JDBC driver for MS SQL and Sybase).
They have implemented a named pipe interface for the SQL server which
uses jcifs for the named pipe interface.  It gets the following error
when using a server name of . (period).  A server name of a period tells
Windows to use local named pipe operations which are much faster than
the network version.  According to Microsoft, the change in operation is
done "under the covers" and does not affect any operation of the
overlying application (just makes it significantly faster).

Can jcifs support a host name of a period (.) for named pipes?  If so,
how (so I can pass this along to the jTDS group)?  If not, what would be
necessary to add it to the jcifs library?


Pete Loveall

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