[jcifs] problem with jCIFS and samba (security=share)

s-jacobi at web.de s-jacobi at web.de
Fri Oct 1 11:26:17 GMT 2004

"Michael B Allen"  schrieb am 30.09.04 22:53:35:
> s-jacobi at web.de said:
> > hi,
> >
> > why do i can't login/access a samba-server that is configured with:
> > "security=share"
> > everything works fine with "security=user" but not all of the target
> > machines
> > are configured that way.
> > as i can see from the jcifs-log, that the user "joker" is set to guest!?
> > guest is not allowed so it fails ...
> JCIFS does not permit the server to default to the GUEST account if
> another username is specified. Either you must specify user "guest"
> explicitly or create the target user on the Samba server with proper
> credentials (ie. create the user "joker" with the proper credentials).
> Mike

of course i did (guest is undesirable).
as i said, its working with security=user, and every other cifs-system
implementation that i know (smbclient, explorer) is abled to access
this samba server with both security-levels (user/share).

smbclient and "exlorer" both need to send the correct password
for a login.
but jCIFS dont send the password if share-level-security is
detected, right?

if so, why is it required by "explorer" and smbclient ?

i read some papers, but specialy the part share-level-security
i have never completely understood, because the chapters
"a client should ..." and "many clients do ..."
discribe the opposite.

i have no idea anymore how to test this misconduct
(system-security, samba, jCIFS, java, logic, ...)

---the code---
UniAddress mydomaincontroller = UniAddress.getByName( "" );
NtlmPasswordAuthentication mycreds = new NtlmPasswordAuthentication( null, "joker", "Password" );
try {
SmbSession.logon( mydomaincontoller, mycreds );
return true;
} catch( Exception e ) {

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