[jcifs] NTLM locks account

Mon Nov 22 09:51:55 GMT 2004

Hi everyone,

We are using JCIFS (0.8.3) in a Tomcat environment (4.0.6) on both
Windows/IIS and HP-UX.
In both cases, we are observing unpredictable behaviour in the sense that
user accounts are sometimes locked by the webserver (presumably after too
many failed authentication retries).

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone on this list?
If not, what is the fastest way to diagnose the underlying cause?

Also, what triggers JCIFS to retry authentication (is there a configurable
looping parameter)? Or is there no implicit looping in the authentication
procedures, meaning that all repeated tries would come from the client side
(IE 6 on Windows XP).

Thanks for any hints,

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