[jcifs] CIFS over TCP/IP

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Nov 18 02:41:03 GMT 2004

sandip chattopadhya said:
> Does JCIFS support "CIFS over TCP/IP" without NetBios?

Unfortunately no. We do not currently support RAW transport. It was on the
last list of things to do but never made it. It's not hard (just means
removing NetBIOS) but it is non-trivial to make *both* work at the same
time (eg try RAW on port 445 and fail over to 139) which is really what we
should do.

You could probably hack it to use RAW transport only without too much fuss
(eg change default port to 445, take a capture of Win2000 talking over
445, and then coerce jCIFS to do the same thing).


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