[jcifs] jcifs and wfw

Purple Donuts purpledonuts at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 15 15:28:27 GMT 2004

> > > I'm trying to use jcifs connect to a WFW 3.11 server, and get the 
> > > "jcifs.smb.SmbException: This client does not support the negotiated
> > > dialect."
> > >
> > > >From what I understand, this is because jcifs only supports the NT LM
> > > >0.12
> > > dialect, which a WFW machine can't understand.
> > >
> > > Am I correct to assume that it is not possible to use jcifs with a WFW
> > > 3.11 server?
> >
> > Correct.
>Just to be a little less terse...
>Every Windows flavor since Windows/95 (inclusive) speaks the NT LM 0.12
>dialect.  Windows-for-Workgroups runs an earlier dialect (I have it
>written down somewhere, but it's one of the LANMAN dialects...).  That
>earlier dialect does not support some of the newer SMB messages, and some
>of the message formats have changed.
> > >  Or has anyone done something with either the client or the server
> > > to get it working?
> >
> > No.
>Multi-dialect support would require a mechanism to select which SMBs
>should be sent, and which format to use for each SMB.  It's do-able, but
>it doesn't appear as though the payback would be worth the effort or extra
>code-bulk.  As far as I know, this is the first request for WfWG
>Perhaps some of this should be in the FAQ...  Dunno.
>How are you trying to use jCIFS?  Are you just trying to transfer files
>and such?

Yes, I'm trying to send & receive files from a Linux system to a group of 
machines that must run DOS because of software they're running.

After getting your confirmation about the dialect problem, I used a java 
runtime.exec() to pass variables to a shell script that in turn ran an 
instance of smbclient.

I could've just done that from the start, but a jCIFS solution would've 
provided considerably more flexibility, and, let's face it, would've been 
_way_ cooler!


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