[jcifs] Re: Named Pipe

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Mon Mar 29 03:50:54 GMT 2004

Bill Mortimer said:
> Hi Mike,
> The PIPE_NOWAIT is set by the Named Pipe server that I'm using. The pipe
> mode is PIPE_READMODE_BYTE. On the client side, the only pipe mode that
> finds the pipe is SmbNamedPipe.PIPE_TYPE_RDWR. Some sample client code
> (C++) that I have calls WaitNamedPipe() before attempting to connect. In
> my
> JCIFS client I've just tried to connect over and over again which only
> rarely works. The usual scenario has been that the client successfully
> writes a message to the pipe the first time but the server doesn't detect
> it's connection so the message isn't processed and subsequent attempts at
> writing to the pipe fail with "all pipe instances are busy". Hope the
> packet capture can tell you something.

What is BinHex 4.0? I downloaded macutils but binhex -d
bmortimer1.pcap.hqx didn't quite work.

Also, would it be possible for you to hack the examples/pipes/*.c proggies
to do what you want. Wouldn't have to be pretty. Please also provide a
*working* capture so I know for certain you what me to emulate. Basically
I need either a client/server set to illustrate or a capture that exhibits
the desired behavior.


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