[jcifs] Writeing Problem

Eric eglass1 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 25 00:25:12 GMT 2004

>             Permission per = share.getPermission();
>             System.out.println("Permissions:\n");
>             System.out.println(per.getName());
>             System.out.println(per.getActions());

URLConnection.getPermission() gives the minimum permissions necessary to 
make the connection; i.e., java.security.AllPermission being returned 
here implies you should have AllPermission granted via your policy to 
make the connection (this is the default value returned by 
URLConnection.getPermission(); we should actually probably override this 
to return null, as there could be tools that would enforce this).  It 
doesn't relate to the file permissions granted to the user on the target 
SmbFile; there isn't currently a way to retrieve those.


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