[jcifs] Authentication pop up after upgrade IE to version 6.0

Juliana juliana at relevanz.com
Thu Mar 11 07:39:34 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I have this problem which I hope that someone can suggest how it can be solved. 

I was able to by-pass the pop up authentication screen from IE before I upgrade my IE to version 6. Now with the new IE version, the IE keeps popping up the "Enter Network Password" dialog.

I wanted to access my tomcat on http://myMachineName:8080/ but somhow it does not allow that 
The weirdest thing is, I asked my colleague with the same version of IE to access my tomcat url : http://myMachineName:8080/ and yet he was able to by pass the network password pop up. 

If your doubt is whether I am logged in to domain, the answer is yes i was.

Any one have any suggestion?

Thank you in advance
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