[jcifs] NTLM HTTP authentication with multiple domains

Charly karlduesentrieb at compuserve.de
Thu Mar 11 06:14:50 GMT 2004


I am currently using jcifs.http.NtlmServlet for authentication IE users in
the intranet of a
(bigger) company and this works great for me with one configured domain.

But now I have the request/requirement that IE-clients from other
domains must be authenticated. These other domains are in worst case

It seems for me the in jCIFS package are no means to configure more than
one domain i.e. more than one domaincontroller from different domains.
Is this true?

If so ..How could I anyway authenticate users from different untrusted
I would provide the domaincontroller address per HTTPSession
provided I get access to the domainname of the calling client in a early
authentication handshake stage.
Or I would provide the address per domainname.

The only workaround I have considered until now is to create multiple
different configured jCIFS enviroments.
I could achieve this either by creating one webapplication per domain
or an environment per domain within the webapplication using a custom
classloader. But these workarounds seems to me to be extensive.

I have not looked into the jCIFS sources if there could be a less
extensive solution.
And I do not want to modify the jCIFS sources self because
I want to be upgrade compatible.

Any comments or  suggestions?

Thank you  Karl

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