[jcifs] getParent() for workgroup returns workgroup

Kenny MacDermid Kenny.MacDermid at abridean.com
Wed Mar 10 19:24:11 GMT 2004

Hello all,

I hope this question hasn't been beat to death already, but there is no
'search' in the archive and I couldn't find it.

I'm looking to make a samba browser in java. I want to be able to start the
user at: 'smb://' and have them browse up or down to the location they want.

The problem I'm having is when they try to browse up from a workgroup they
get the same workgroup. Browsing up basically just replaces the current
SmbFile with 'new SmbFile(SmbFile.getParent())'. SmbFile.getParent() from a
workgroup appears to return that workgroup. Is this correct, or am I going
about it the wrong way. If I have to I'll just push them on a stack to keep
track, but this seems like getParent() should work.

I'm using jcifs-0.8.0.

Thanks in advance,


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