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Wed Jun 30 08:51:03 GMT 2004

I'll look at it a bit more and see what I can figure out.  The GUEST thing may be
the particular settings used; there are lots of options for how Davenport handles
authentication.  It's kind of awkward and complicated, but there are lots of
possible ways to deal with it and all have advantages/disadvantages.

Some settings to look at:

alwaysAuthenticate -- if this isn't set, authentication is only requested if access
is denied to a resource.  Basically, browse anonymously until we can't anymore.
This is probably what you're seeing (my best guess anyways).  This defaults
to false (browse anonymously), but I have some mixed feelings about this, so
in the future it may start as "true".

anonymousCredentials -- if browsing anonymously, this is the account that is
used.  This supercedes the "jcifs.smb.client.*" account to separate the preauth
and anonymous credentials (so you could use a very restricted account for
preauthentication, such as access only to IPC$, but an account with wider
privileges for anonymous browsing in general).  If not set, the
"jcifs.smb.client.*" account is used for both preauth and anonymous access.

errorHandler.authenticationFailureBehavior -- this controls what happens
when an authentication error is encountered.  Default is "authenticate",
which requests new credentials from the user.  You can also have it
fail in a variety of ways, or succeed silently.

For the Unicode stuff, what are you seeing?  There's a known issue with Resin
and the webfolders client (see issues.txt), but I *think* it should work with
the normal browser interface.  I fixed a lot of the non-ASCII issues awhile back,
but may have broken something in the interim.


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> Michael B Allen said: 
> > Eric said: 
> >> but basically you just add: 
> >> 
> >> > >> 
> javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory="org.apache.xalan.processor.TransformerFa 
> ctoryImpl"/> 
> > 
> > Hey, it works. This is cool! 
> But even with the credential propogation fix it tries repeatedly to use 
> GUEST. Only after two attempts does negotiation kick in. 
> Also it doesn't handle Unicode chars too well. I have a directory full of 
> Unicode nonesense that causes strange things to occur. 
> Mike 
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