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Wed Jun 30 08:31:54 GMT 2004

What client platform are you on?  Note that on Windows, Sun's JDK supports
NTLM authentication natively, and will do the handshake before our
implementation even sees anything.  Basically, we wrap underlying "standard"
HttpURLConnections to perform the handshake and simulate a single connection
to the caller.  On Windows, the Sun HttpURLConnection does this silently,
and we don't even see that authentication was required at all.

One (kind of kludgy) way to force our implementation to be used is:

1)  On the IIS server, go to c:\InetPub\AdminScripts (or wherever adsutil.vbs is).
2)  Run:

    cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/NTAuthenticationProviders "Negotiate"

This will tell IIS to only offer "Negotiate" as an authentication method.  Sun's
implementation won't do the handshake if NTLM isn't offered, whereas we will
do the raw NTLM Negotiate handshake.

I'll play around with this a bit more in the meantime and see what I can figure out.


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> Michael B Allen ioplex.com> writes: 
> > 
> >Finally NTLM HTTP support for HTTP clients 
> > (NtlmHttpURLConnection) has been updated to support NTLM negotiation using 
> > the POST method. 
> > 
> Well, POST method support doesn't seem to work for XML-RPC. I can't see any 
> changes within my HTTP requests and responses. :-( 
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