[jcifs] Hosts and shares enumeration

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Tue Jun 29 13:13:25 GMT 2004

I did some testing on this; it appears to affect at least back to 0.9.0.
Adding the following to SmbFile.java at line 591-ish appears to fix it:

    this.auth = context.auth;

It appears that the SmbFile constructor used in the listFiles methods leaves
the auth field null, causing it to fall back to the account specified by
"jcifs.smb.client.*" (defaulting to GUEST).  Setting it to the context SmbFile's
auth seems to fix things.


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> Hi, All ! 
> I see one small issue in jcifs(version 0.9.3). 
> SmbFile doesn't inherit auth information on the listFiles method. 
> So, when I run 
> auth = new NtlmPasswordAuthentication(domain, username, password); 
> workgroup = new SmbFile("smb://myworkgroupname/", auth); 
> SmbFile[] hosts = workgroup.listFiles(); 
> It returns list of all hosts in workgroup. 
> Next, I'm tring to retrieve shares list from hosts: 
> SmbFile[] shares = host[0].listFiles(); 
> And I see SmbAuthException(Access is denied). 
> When I try this code: 
> SmbFile hostToList = new SmbFile(workgroup, host[0].getName, auth); 
> SmbFile[] shares = host[0].listFiles(); 
> It works fine. 
> Also, when I enumerate share, then I can't enumerate directories, because I 
> see SmbAuthException. 
> WBR, Alex. 
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