[jcifs] JCIFS not working with Apaches's XML-RPC?

eglass1 at comcast.net eglass1 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 29 12:19:44 GMT 2004

What errors are you seeing?  There are a couple of known issues with the NtlmHttpURLConnection (which I've been meaning to look at in more detail for awhile now).  POST requests appear to cause problems, and that would be a pretty big show-stopper for XML-RPC.  Also, many XML-RPC clients prefill the "Authorization" header rather than handling the 401 (i.e., they attach the HTTP Basic base-64 string to all requests instead of waiting until the first Unauthorized response).  This would likely cause conflicts on either their side or ours.

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> Hi! 
> My initial problem is accessing my XML-RPC server script (written in PHP) on 
> IIS. It worked fine until I ran into the authorization issues. 
> I tried JCIFS and accessing a page on IIS now works with authorization. 
> Unfortunately it seems that Apache's XML-RPC library isn't able to make use of 
> it, although a quick look at their sources revealed, that they're using the 
> standard URL Java class. 
> Has anyone some thoughts to share on this one, maybe some experience in getting 
> XML-RPC to work with JCIFS? 
> alex 
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