[jcifs] Raise Condition in SmbFile.java

David Fahlander dfahlander at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 1 08:16:31 GMT 2004

I don't know if anyone of the developers of the JCIFS library are watching
the jcifs project on sourceforge.net, but I posted a patch there when it
still was in 0.9.0b. The bug still remains in 0.9.0 (!)


The bug is that it may hang infinitely when for example calling
SmbFile.copyTo(). This only happens sometimes though since it is a race
condition. notify() must be called directly after changing ready = true,
otherwise other threads can wait for ever for a notification that it is


Please see my patch at https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail
=552778> &aid=956731&group_id=78296&atid=552778


David Fahlander


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