[jcifs] Using port 445 instead of 139 with NtlmHttpFilter

m_stanski at poczta.onet.pl m_stanski at poczta.onet.pl
Tue Jul 27 15:20:52 GMT 2004


> The port 445 work was not completed. It was a reasonably complicated
> operation to get both 139 and 445 to work together smoothly so I didn't
> pursue it too hard. There's no ETA.

> Mike

Thanks for help.

I have additional two questions:

1. How long can it take to make jCifs work with 445 port. I'm asking because I consider making it myself and I would like to estimate how difficult it is. I expect it is no easy to estimate, but is it a matter of hours, days, weeks, or months ? How do you think ?

2. Do you know any other product or library which I can use to autenticate IE users against NT Domain using NTLM with Java. I know solutions with IIS or Apache as supporting servers, but maybe there is an easier way to do that ?

Thanks in advance

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