[jcifs] No response to NTLM challenge

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 18:29:08 GMT 2004

> 3) (not really related to your issue, but similar) -- We currently
> send an explicit "Connection: close" in the failure responses (NtlmSsp
> line 103, NtlmHttpFilter line 147/162, NtlmServlet line 144/161).
> This isn't actually required, either.  IIS uses the connection to
> track the handshake, so they forcibly break the connection to "reset"
> the state.  We can leave it open, since we do the handshake
> statelessly and use the servlet HttpSession to track the user.  This
> significantly improves efficiency, as a single HTTP connection can be
> used throughout the whole conversation with the client.  This was the
> resolution for the "Davenport uses a huge number of connections"
> issue.

Attached are patches for the above, including the previous addressing
the content length issue Steven is seeing.

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