[jcifs] JCIFS Windows vs Linux

Al apotti at umich.edu
Mon Jul 26 16:19:47 GMT 2004


It's my first time using JCIFS, and I've come up with a problem that I have no 
clue on how to attack. I'm running JCIFS in conjunction with Tomcat to perform 
NTLM authentication on a bunch of servlets (on my webapp). I installed the jar 
file and modified the web.xml files as indicated in the docs, and booted the 
webapp with the filter mapped to my webapp. Here is my filter config in the 



With the stars being actual values (covered for security purposes, blah) and 
the filter works with the Windows machine (it connects to the domain and 
authenticates me and posts me as the user. So I installed the same thing on 
the Linux machine. Same webapp, same config files, same everything, just 
different server. However, when I use the EXACT same filter mapping with the 
Linux box, it just crashes. No exception report, no errors caught in any of 
the log files, nothing. All I get is a dead "page cannot be displayed". I know 
jCIFS can connect to the domain, since it works on the Windows version, but it 
refuses to connect on Linux.

Can anyone help (or at least turn on some logger function?)


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