[jcifs] jcifs-0.9.5 timeout on the Windows 2003 domain controller

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 17:31:51 GMT 2004

> 1. We used jcifs.http.domainController (with jcifs-0.7.14 or 0.9.1 and
> beyond)on win2000 DC before, until all our DC will be upgraded to
> win2003, this parameter caused the ID and Password prompt, after three
> tries, it gives us the blank web page. We tried on jcifs-0.8.2, it
> actually worked for us without the ID, Password prompt.

Sending a packet trace to either Mike or myself would help in
troubleshooting this.

> 2. The "jcifs.http.auth.ntlm.domain" works for jcifs-0.9.1 and beyond at
> least, but the only problem is we got 1 to 4 timeouts a day or no
> timeout for several days for win2003 DC. That is higher frequency than
> using win2000 DC, we suspect the network traffic or DC overload or maybe
> helpdesk support messed with the DC at that time.

"jcifs.http.auth.ntlm.domain" isn't a valid jCIFS parameter; it is
meaningless.  You would get the same result removing it completely. 
jCIFS will end up using the local netbios name you've defined using
the "jcifs.netbios.hostname" parameter.  In your example, this is
"MY_DEV_9009"; that's the box that will end up being used as the DC.


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