[jcifs] Reusing NetServerEnum outside of SmbFile?

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 13:36:10 GMT 2004

> PS. Looking at the MSDN ServerInfo101 structure and the JCIFS-EXT
> ServerInfo1 class, there seems to be a field missing for the
> sv101_platform_id value - is this right?

It's actually a server_info_1:


I tried sending a SERVER_INFO_101 using the MSDN tools, but it still
appears to send this same structure across the wire; it gives back
"500" for the platform ID, but I don't see it across the wire at all. 
Hardcoded, maybe?  We implement the older RAP calls, not RPC, but in
this case I don't see any difference in what gets sent by Windows (I
still get RAP calls in XP, and I've never seen an RPC equivalent to


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