[jcifs] Re: Package access classes, methods, etc.

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Tue Jul 20 03:30:50 GMT 2004

Eric Glass said:
> publicize SmbSession.logoff().  I know this has come up before, but it
> might actually increase scalability of the NTLM filter.

But scalability of the Filter isn't an issue.

> If the filter
> did logon() immediately followed by logoff(), it could process a huge
> number of concurrent users before hitting the maximum number of
> sessions on the transport; you could possibly do logon()/logoff() in a
> synchronized block and have a *single* session open on the connection
> at any given time.

Just because the Filter caches NPAs doesn't mean there aren't modes of
operation where logon requests can be redundant in which case the existing
session may be useful.

>  This would be an alternative to the ssnLimit
> parameter (instead of letting sessions build up and creating new
> transports, moderating the number of sessions).  Of course, I've never
> tested any of this ;)

Building up many sessions is a feature. There are non-Filter related
use-cases that benifit from this behavior. I'm not excited about adding
clauses to optimise one one feature. What happends if you logon, another
thread starts a file op on that session and then the Filter calls logoff?
It's not so simple to just "publicize SmbSession.logoff()".


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