[jcifs] jTDS + jCIFS works!

David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at kilzer.net
Tue Jul 20 01:31:20 GMT 2004

I just got jTDS-0.8.1 and jCIFS-0.9.5 to talk to a SQL Server 6.5
database via named pipes!!

I had two outstanding issues from last week:

  1. I needed to wrap the SmbNamedPipe input stream using a
     BufferedInputStream so that jCIFS would request as much data as it
     could from SQL Server 6.5 each time.  I'm using the maximum packet
     size defined in jTDS to set the buffer size.  Thanks to Eric Glass
     for the suggestion.

  2. The NTLM authentication was failing because the 'domain' parameter
     was not being passed in properly.  (As it turns out, I was using a
     lowercase 'domain', while the code was looking for an uppercase
     'DOMAIN' key in its properties file.  Duh.)

After fixing these issues, jTDS connects to the database with no
problems!  (BTW, forget what I said about needing to talk to the
database via named pipes without a session.  A session is being
established each time, and it works fine.)

My only remaining tasks are to clean up my patches (i.e., remove all
the hacks to see if everything still works), then send patches to the
respective development teams.  (There may not be any need to modify
jCIFS if everything still works after I remove my hacks.)

Thanks again for all the help!


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