[jcifs] Re: Fw: SQL Server 6.5 and named pipes

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Fri Jul 16 22:23:37 GMT 2004

Brian Heineman said:
> We would very much appreciate your permission to incorporate the JCIFS
> library with our driver.

I don't think you need my permission. But I'm not an expert in the LGPL.

>  While I am fairly confident that we can
> distribute
> our driver under the LGPL license as of our 0.9 release (since one of our
> users re-wrote the driver), there is a possability we may need to
> distribute
> it under the BSD or Open Source License.

I think you can distribute your code however you like. You just can't
distributed the *jcifs* code without making the source used to create that
package available[1]. Specifically if you modify the jICFS package itself
you're supposed to recontribute those changes back to the community.

So far it sounds like we (jCIFS) just need to expose the options necessary
to create a suitable named pipe. I'm in windows right now fiddling with
microsofts idl compiler so I'll have to look at those captures a little

I'm CCing the list in case others have the same sort of question.


[1] If you don't modify the jCIFS package itself then I think you can just
provide a link to our homepage.

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