[jcifs] Even-byte-alignment padding in Write AndX Request

David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at kilzer.net
Fri Jul 16 03:12:21 GMT 2004

I've now got a full packet returning via Read AndX Response!!  But I'm
getting an IndexOutOfBoundsException now (such is progress):

	at java.io.PushbackInputStream.read(PushbackInputStream.java:143)
	at jcifs.smb.SmbComReadAndXResponse.readBytesDirectWireFormat(SmbComReadAndXResponse.java:68)
	at jcifs.smb.AndXServerMessageBlock.readAndXWireFormat(AndXServerMessageBlock.java:266)
	at jcifs.smb.AndXServerMessageBlock.readWireFormat(AndXServerMessageBlock.java:103)
	at jcifs.smb.SmbTransport.run(SmbTransport.java:444)
	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:536)

A quick debugging session showed that the code is dying in line 3 of
SmbComReadAndXResponse.readBytesDirectWireFormat() because 'b' is
declared as byte[8] when 175 bytes of data are available to be read.
Oops!  I don't have time to track that down just now, but I'm hoping
that one of the developers can provide a patch fairly easily (or else
I'll go play with JCIFS some more tomorrow).

BTW, the last change I made (which triggered the above exception) was to
hard-code maxCount and minCount to 512 in the constructor and setParam()
methods of SmbComReadAndX:

  this.maxCount = minCount = 512;

Turns out that SQL Server 6.5 will only send back the number of bytes
requested by one (or both) of those fields, so when I was getting the
other error message earlier, I was only getting 1 byte back instead of
the whole TDS packet!

SQL Enterprise Manager (via its internal drivers) sets maxCount and
minCount to 512.  The other driver I started playing with sets it to
4292 (for better performance?).

Finally, it will take me a while to back out all of my changes to get
back to the "original" error message without all these hacks in jTDS and
JCIFS, but I plan on doing that once the above IndexOutOfBoundsException
issue is resolved (so that most of my hacks won't be needed).

Thanks for all the help!!

Dave (JAJH)

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