[jcifs] Samba4 IDL, RPCs, NDR Slight-of-hand, NdrBuffer, ...

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 10:11:20 GMT 2004

> The getDeferred method is where the slight-of-hand occurs. So the current
> position and the deferred position are encoded at the same time but are
> largely independent of one another. Simple!

The current way that Jarapac does this (badly) is in
NetworkDataRepresentation.readElement/writeElement.  The pointer
wrapper classes register with the ndr object, which maintains a map of
identifier->referent and a list of encountered pointers; after
reading/writing the "core" pieces, the deferred referents are
processed to populate/output the pointer wrappers.  This doesn't
currently work properly, however, due largely to my aforementioned
fuzzy understanding of RPC pointers ;).

The reason I did it this way was I wasn't sure how to cleanly
determine the size of the pre-deferred content prior to processing;
i.e., I wasn't sure how to find the deferred index without
preprocessing beforehand.  The above was basically intended to skip
the deferred stuff and then write it after finishing the pre-deferred

> Does Jarapac support server-side routines? Currently the idl compiler
> generates server stubs but should I bother with the Java server stubs?

The original intent was to do both.  The server-side framework is
currently non-existent, though, so realistically it is just
client-side for now.  The server-side needs an equivalent to rpc.Stub
and rpc.TransportFactory to install server handlers.  This is also
blocking connectionless RPC, as the connectionless authentication
process requires clients to also be servers.


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