[jcifs] Jarapac Stubs not Compatible with DEC/RPC Calling Conventions

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Tue Jul 13 03:39:14 GMT 2004


I don't think Jarapac can use stubs like this:

    public interface ExampleInterface extends Remote {

        public long testOperation(int arg1, String arg2) throws


We need to support pointers to primative types. Consider:

    int NetServerEnumAll([in] wchar_t *server_unc,
        [in,out] int *level,
        [in,out,switch_is(level)] NetShareCtr *ctr,
        [in] unsigned long max_buffer,
        [out] unsigned long *totalentries,
        [in,out] unsigned long *resume_handle);


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